OFFSHORE & Marine Safety Products

Passive Fire Prevention

Flamemaster Flamemastics is a water-base resistant compound that is coated on cables for re protection, preventing spreading of fire. It is commonly used and highly recommended for cables in power generating stations and in industrial manufacturing plants. Hitachi Flamemastic comes in 2 forms:
Flamemastic Sprayable  – a waterbase compound for coating on cables by spray or brush
Flamemastic Mastic – a heavy consistency material for sealing wall or ceiling penetrations of cables or cable trays

Fire and Gas Detection System

Engtek offers a wide variety of AUTRONICA detection system products for:

Ex-Tech Explosion Proof & Signalling Products

Full range of sounders, beacons, manual call-points, limit switches, control stations, pendant station and enclosures from Ex-Tech designed for hazardous area applications. Each range is available with various housing to meet different client’s preference.

Alarm & Monitoring Systems

We carry Marinelec wide range of automation system products as follows:

- BNWAS Equipment

To monitor the vigilance of the officerin charge of the watch (engine or bridge) and warn officers and the crew in case of faintness of this one. This equipment is completed with remote alarm panels which permit to remote the time countdown reset, and alarm levels: wheelhouse level, officer level and crew level.

- MACCS Alarm and Monitoring System

A safety device used for monitoring digital inputs and analog inputs, as well as the controlling of various equipment. Is modular design allows a maximum of 64 inputs /outputs. Its user interface consists of a 7″ color touch screen, enables a clear and precise display of all alarms and controls.

- Warning and Information Light Columns

Easy and quick to install. They bring innovation in terms on Leds display and provide a substantial reduction in weight and consumption. They are tailor-made according to the number function to perform

- Ecomer on-shore Cloud Analaysis Software

GPS tracking and multiple fuel oil consumption analysis, like fuel loss and vessel speed
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