Marine Bearings


Feroform Marine Bearings

FEROFORM bearings, made from tested high performing resin developed by Tenmat Ltd, have become essentials in various industries like marine, military, railway, onshore and offshore applications. They have passed stringent standards and are approved by major shipping societies like ABS and DNV. The FEROFORM range of products comes in various forms (rods, sheets, staves, tubes, etc.) to suit different applications and requirements.

Available in various forms to suit applications in Rudders, Stern Tubes, Tank Pads, Pumps.

Michell Bearings is a premier designer and manufacturer of hydrodynamic whitemetal (or babbitt) and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) lined bearings. Available in various forms to suit application Power Plants, Water Works, Pump and Machine.

Industrial Horizontal Bearings

The industrial horizontal (IH) series is a modular range covering shaft diameters from 280mm to 1,000mm. The heavy duty (HD) series is specially designed for applications involving high thrust and radial loads and covers a shaft range from 300mm to 500mm. Product applications include:
• Motors
• Generators
• Hydro turbines
• Hydro generators

Vertical Marine bearings

Michell Bearings’ vertical bearings (AV, LV and V Series) have been designed and developed as fully self-contained, general purpose, modular assemblies to meet customer requirements. Product ranges can be supplied with PTFE thrust bearings to increase the bearing capacity or reduce the bearing frame size. Product applications include:
• Pumps
• Motors
• Hydro turbines
• Hydro generators

Industrial bearing internals

Michell Bearings offers several standard ranges of bearing internals for both thrust (Omega, Omega Equalised and Self Equalising) and radial Journal Pad Unit (JPU) applications. Product applications include:
• Gearboxes
• Steam turbines
• Gas turbines
• Horizontal pumps
• Turbo compressors
• Hydro generators

Marine bearings

Michell Bearings has extensive experience in the supply of bearings for use in marine propulsion; it has products on most leading cruise lines and many luxury mega yachts. Product applications include:
• Main propulsion thrust blocks
• Propeller shaft bearings
• Propulsion motor bearings
• Generator bearings
• Marine gearboxes

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